Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frostbite anyone?

So rainy today.
This is unusual for Milwaukee.
We don't get a lot of rainy days.
In the spring we get thunderstorms with very heavy rain but it soon passes and dries out.
The summers are generally pretty dry.
Winter.........well that is just snow.
Today it has rained all day and is really dark.
I have noticed that it seems to be getting dark way earlier than it should be.
The clocks don't go back for another couple of weeks yet it has started getting dark around 5pm already.

Philip is back at work and is also bowling tonight.
He must be all better then.

My thingy on my leg looks a bit yukky.
I had to go to the quacks for a yearly check over and whilst there I mentioned the little lump on my leg, down by my ankle.
It has been there a couple of months and looks like a pimple.
Doesn't behave like one though.
A couple of times I tried to squish it but it wasn't having any of that.
So, I showed it , first to the quack's trainee who said it was a wart.
Then the real doctor came in and said that she didn't think it was. She thinks it is a Dermatofibroma.
That sounded scary.
She told me it isn't scary. She decided to try to freeze it, in case it is a wart. This she did with a spray thingy. It didn't hurt at the time..........note..."at the time".
If that doesn't work then I can get it cut out. I didn't like the sound of that but my friend who is the nursing manager said to say "get it excised" which sounds much more pleasant.

Shortly after I came out it started to hurt. It felt like a burn.
I put some cream on and it hurt all day yesterday.
Whatever she did to it...........she upset it at the very least.
I don't think the freezing is going to work. I doubt it will drop off.
I suppose I will have to get it "exercised" in the end.
Do they have gym classes for pimples?


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