Friday, October 2, 2009

Adventures R Us

Yesterday it was Dave's chance at revenge.
Revenge for giving him Sarthong Plunder all those years ago.
Instead, he took me on an adventure.
I did something I had never done before and, in all honesty, never imagined I would do.

I visited someone in prison.
It was not the ordeal I had envisaged it would be.

The wardens didn't not have horns and pitchforks.
They were rather pleasant, smiley and helpful.

After a couple of worrying moments ( you didn't mention rubber gloves Dave.....EVER.) we got to visit with our chum.
He seemed pretty upbeat, considering.
Dave and I shared a few laughs with him but I have to admit I did get close to tears a couple of times, with things he told us.
I am so glad I went.
I had worried about it........just fear of the unknown really.........but it was an experience.

Then in the evening I visited another old friend. This would be the last time I see her and her hubby until next year.
It always amazes me that another year has passed. We did get together a few times and as with other old friends......I miss her muchly.

Today ..........Leeds Castle.
I had lived in Kent for years but had never been here.
It is fab.
The cost was about the same as going to the zoo but........big difference here...........the ticket you buy is good for a whole year. can go back, inside the castle and in the grounds, as many times as you like over the next year.
How amazing is that?
I gave Donna my ticket so now she has 3 tickets she can use all year and that will take her right through next summer.
There is the castle to visit, a maze, aviaries full of parrots, birds of prey with displays, a swans and......( I have never seen these before)...... a peahen with chicks.
I explained to Lauren that the boys are peacocks and the girls are peahens..........after some thought I decided the chicks (as we didn't know what gender they were) must be .... peas !

They have 2 of the dreaded gift shops though.
Lauren was in heaven. We escaped with just an ornament of a knight on a horse.
Pretty good I think.


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