Saturday, October 10, 2009


Not able to go anywhere this weekend as "him indoors" has to remain "indoors" due to the lurgy.

I did walk round to the nearest supermarket to gather up some supplies but it wasn't a lot of fun.
Walking round there was OK, but no fun walking back laden with taters and veggies.

This afternoon, after watching a couple of Ghost Hunter episodes that were recorded while I was away...............(I don't know why I watch this, it did start off fairly sensibly but has been getting more and more ridiculous lately. The next thing you know they will start screaming all the time like the English version did......ermmmm Most Haunted I think it was called).........anyway, I started drifting off and thinking about some of the things kids say.
Lauren is a great source of memorable sayings.
This time, while I was over, we had a couple of classics.

Lauren..........."Mum do you think everyone has a soulmate? Someone special who is meant just for them?"
Donna............ "Yes I think so."
Lauren........... "But what if mine's French?"

We were watching an episode of " The Crocodile Hunter".
We had been watching it quite a long was maybe half way through.
Lauren............"They must have made this before he died."
Donna............." Ya think?"

Oh poor Lauren. We did laugh and she did get her leg pulled for days after.

Tomorrow I am going to do something that I am sure no American will do.
I am going to cook a Sunday roast.
I don't usually but as we can't go anywhere.........we certainly can't go out for brekkie........then I have decided that is what I shall do.
Roast dinners are so rare here. I think it is only me who ever cooks a proper one.
They have something similar at Thanksgiving but they don't have roast tatties or yorkshire pud.
They have mash and horrid sweet potatoes covered in syrup and marshmellows.
And the FUSS.
Oh my goodness........Thanksgiving isn't until November 26th yet already the TV programmes have started with "How to cook a turkey" "How to have successful Thanksgiving Dinner" etc.
It is less work than a regular British Sunday roast dinner but because very few people here ever cook anything, it is a major undertaking.
At Christmas they have no traditional dinner. It is anything from lasagne to baked ham.

Whilst in England I had a couple of roast dinners out and they were lovely but not as lovely as a home cooked one.
So, that is what I shall do to keep myself amused tomorrow.


At October 11, 2009 at 6:46 AM , Blogger Heather said...

You could teach one of your children about shopping...he's short of forks now so wants to come and look at ours!!!


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