Thursday, December 10, 2015

All good things...

Tootsie isn't a lap cat.
She is, however. a box cat.
So, Lauren figured out a way to get a cuddle that both of them could live with.

Bit of a pants day yesterday.
Got to work and had an angina attack.  I hadn't felt all that great when I was waiting for the bus but I suppose the walk from the bus stop didn't help.
I think I am going to have to re think doing that for the winter months.
It might have been stress though.
I miss little Ellie (the dachshund).  She was my office buddy.

I felt a bit rough for the rest of the day.  Today I had intended to go to the mall.
I still intend to go.
I don't feel too bad this morning.  It is quite likely I will feel worse tomorrow.
This does seem to be the pattern.

Philip took the presents we buy for the underprivileged children in to work today.   They will then be taken to the school to be handed out just before Christmas.
Underprivileged is really not a strong enough word.  These children are well below the poverty line.
The gifts we send will probably be the only ones they get.
We managed to fulfill the wishes they had sent us in their Santa letters.
This year we gave to two kids, both aged 10, a boy and a girl.
It breaks my heart that there will be those that get nothing and haven't even got enough clothes to wear.
It shouldn't happen over here.

Finally, a thank you to all those who contacted me re the facebook unfriending etiquette.
It is as I thought.  You all seemed to be in agreement and I do appreciate the advice.
I will not be publishing your comments, messages or conversations as I don't want you to be 'unfriended' too.


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