Thursday, December 17, 2015


Sunday it was off to see The Nutcracker ballet at the Milwaukee Centre for Performing Arts.
It was spectacular.
The costumes, colours, dancing and athleticism are all quite amazing.

Before the performance started we spent some time in the foyer of one of the downtown banks.
They put on a magnificent display every year.
We try not to ever miss it.

They change it every year and it just gets more beautiful.
The foyer is kept open right over the weekends so that people can come inside to see it.

It made a change this year not to be fighting our way through snow and ice to get there.  This is much to Donna's disgust as she can't wait to get cracking with her shovel.  This is the warmest December we have ever known.  Just one of those things........or global warming?  We shall see.

Then into the theatre where we were greeted by some of the children taking part in the ballet.
Bit fierce looking.

We were also treated to Christmas Carols played by a Milwaukee youth orchestra.  Some of the kids were very young ......and bloody good.

It was then time to enter the theatre where I took this photo of the stage....and then I got told off for taking it.  I thought this was a little bit silly as, of course, I wouldn't have taken any of the performance but it wouldn't hurt the stage.  
Never mind.

We then settled down to watch The Nutcracker......I didn't take the photos of the honest.
I found these last two and the first one on the internet and used them.

If you have never seen this ballet I really do recommend it.  It is stunningly beautiful and funny.

This Saturday we will be off to see Christmas Carol.
Last night we did Candy Cane Lane.

Donna gave me a massage last weekend too.  It was lovely.  If only she wouldn't say it was like massaging a twig.


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