Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Getting festive

Lauren giving TommyJones a cuddle.
He can stand a lot of that.
Christmas seems to be galloping up.  I can't believe it is now only a couple of weeks away.
Sunday we will be going to see The Nutcracker put on by the Milwaukee Ballet Company.
We haven't been for a couple of years.  It really is quite spectacular.  Lauren wanted to see it so we got tickets a while ago.
Now that is almost upon us.
The following weekend we will be seeing Christmas Carol at the Milwaukee Pabst Theatre.
This is something we do every year.  I have read that it is supposed to be even better this year.
I am looking forward to finding out for ourselves.
We have also to fit in a trip to Candy Cane Lane and The Country Springs Hotel....to see all the Christmas displays.

 Looby Loo under her Christmas tree.  
She so loves the tree.  I always feel so bad when we take it outside.
I am not so in love with this tree this year.  The needles are not falling off but the branches are bending already.
That doesn't usually happen for, at least, another couple of weeks.
I am watering and feeding it twice a day, so it shouldn't do that.

It will soon be Alanmas.
He arrives here on Jan 5th.  I shall be so grateful for another pair of hands to help take all the decorations down.
I know Philip will welcome his help with the outside display.  That is, of course, if we are able to get the stakes out of the ground.
Santa etc was out there until almost Easter last year as the ground was so frozen.  I had visions of putting Easter Eggs in his sleigh.
It has been much milder, so far, this year.
We have had only one major snow storm.  
I probably shouldn't have said that.  It is probably all waiting for Alanmas.  
Isn't QI great for finding things out.  Apparently, the decorations don't have to be taken down on January 6th.
They are traditionally allowed to stay up until Candlemas, which is February 1st.
Who knew?
We might not have to rush so much now I know.

I just had a lovely phone call from one of my old friends in England.  We have missed seeing each other this year.
I really want to get over there next year.  I love bimbling about around Ashford, Folkestone and Canterbury..........which raises a question.
Ok, all you facebook experts.....I have a question on etiquette.
What does it mean if someone 'unfriends' you on facebook?
Does it mean that they have 'unfriended' you from their life?
If you have known someone for 20+ years and they 'unfriend' you then does that mean that if you bumped into each other in the street you are likely to be blanked?
There wasn't a blazing row, in which case, of course the friendship might be totally over.
In real life you wouldn't say to someone, "I unfriend you."
I have 'unfriended' people before but it has always people I didn't really know in the first place.
Sometimes I have found people on my list and I have no clue who they are.   That is different I think. I doubt they even noticed.

Anyway, I am looking for opinions.  What does it really mean?
What is the protocol?  Do I stick my nose in the air and walk on by.....or what?
Private message me and let me know what you think. I shall be interested to see what others think.


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