Friday, December 4, 2015

A sad farewell.

What a crap week.
Well, friends of mine will know that this week is always very bad for me.
It is full of terrible memories, feelings, emotions and indescribable pain.  These are from many years ago but return each year as if it all happened yesterday.
Time has not faded them in the slightest.
So, this week, every year I am always on the verge of tears so I try not to get upset over anything as I have enough to deal with.
This year that was made impossible.
The picture above is of Ellie.
She is my friend's little dog. The friend I work for.  Little Ellie had back problems at the beginning of the year.  She did seem to get better and for a few months she seemed pretty good.
Just lately though she was having problems.  First with one back leg, then with a front one too.
The vet said this was all related to her spine.
Dogs like Ellie has long spines and little legs.  This puts a strain on them and you have to be careful about the sort of exercise they take.
Well, for the past couple of weeks Ellie has been getting worse.
Then I got a phone call on Monday to say she was totally paralyzed and would have to be put to sleep.
So, when I got there Wednesday I was told they would be taking her that day....while I was there.
I really didn't need that.
I sat and cuddled sweet Ellie, who was always  my little office buddy, and cried and cried.
I cradled her and rocked her.  She couldn't walk at all but she was so pleased to see me.  She kissed my face and made the little noises she always made when she was so happy.
I was heartbroken when they took her.
When my friend came back we both wept together.

Another little mate gone.  I will miss her. Poxy week.


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