Monday, December 21, 2015

Ha Bumhug..........again.

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to see Christmas Carol at the Pabst theatre, shown above.
It is an old, beautiful theatre that I adore.
We sat in the front row of the balcony......brilliant seats.
The story is, of course, always the same but they change little things every year, just to keep it fresh.
We have been almost every year since we came here over 18 years ago.
Last year there was a new actor playing Scrooge, the others change from year to year but Scrooge generally stays for a while.
Last year was amazing.  Philip and I thought it was awesome.  The reviews agreed with us.
So, we were pleased to see excellent reviews again this year, before we went.
The reviews said it was even better...........well they lied.
It wasn't better.
It wasn't anywhere near as good as last year.
I know they make changes from year to year but they had taken out so many good, little bits that the whole thing seemed a bit flat.
For instance.........there is a scene in the house of Scrooge's nephew where they are having a party.
The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to see what is going on.
Now this is usually a lot of fun....lots of humour ....and it started well.......
Mr Topper, who is making eyes at Miss Lucy, was played by a brilliant actor.  He reminded me of Rick Mayall when he played Flasheart.
He was so funny as he made his advances on Miss Lucy.  She was equally brilliant, getting all of a twitter over it.
Usually, this is continued as they play the game Blind Man's Buff........with Mr Topper manipulating the game to be able to steal a kiss from Miss Lucy.
But, it didn't happen.
Just as we were all chuckling at the antics of Mr Topper and Miss Lucy and waiting for the game to start........they all started singing Christmas Carols.
They had taken that whole part out.  Why?
Apart from this, the actors all seemed a bit fed up.  Apart from Scrooge himself and a couple of others....they were all a bit lack lustre.
I wonder why?   It isn't at the end of its run yet so they shouldn't be tired of it.  We have seen it much closer to Christmas before and it has always had lots of energy.
But, who knows what goes on backstage.  Maybe there are problems with the cast.
I did notice when they all came out to take a bow, that one of them actually pulled a face as everyone was applauding.
After the spectacle of The Nutcracker, it was a bit disappointing.
Maybe next year we will have a break from it and find something else to see.

I did finish off the Christmas Cake.
I cheated this year and ordered a small British fruitcake online.
I then soaked it with brandy and sherry, added a thick layer of marzipan and iced it.
It smelled wonderful by the time I finished tarting it up.
If it tastes better than my own I shall be bloody annoyed.


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