Monday, January 27, 2014

Knitty Nora

Alan and Bubba are still best mates.
I love seeing them like this. 

He has also made friends with Sally, which is no mean feat as she is a little nervous of men.
We think she may have been treated badly by a man at some point before she came to us.
She certainly hasn't been treated badly since she has been here.

Yesterday, Sunday, it was off to ice hockey to watch the Milwaukee Admirals play the Rockford Icehogs.
It was a special game as it was the Admirals mascot, Roscoe's, birthday and there were lots of other team mascots there too.

This one, Tux, was hilarious.
He really did work hard  interacting with the crowd.
He was from Pensylvania.
He even posed for photos.

He made Alan laugh.....and the rest of us too.

This is the Ice hogs mascot.
I liked him.  I love the way his pink belly hangs out under his shirt.

The little kids came out during one of the breaks.
They are so cute and wow, can they skate.

The mascots then formed two teams and, of course, Roscoe's team won.
Which was more than the Admirals did.
They were 3 - 1 ahead for ages and then the Icehogs got two very quick goals so it was 3 all.
They had to play extra time, with whoever got the first goal, winning.
Blooming Icehogs got a goal and it was all over.  In truth, they were the better team and deserved it.
It made for an entertaining evening though. 
It was good to catch up with Gary and there were a few fights too....not with Gary....between the hockey players.

In other news...........a friend told me about a scheme to help shelter animals where you knit them a blanket.  Apparently, it has been found that animals who have a knitted blanket in their cage are adopted more quickly than those who don't.
Nope...I don't know how that works either, but it seems it does.
Some friends are now knitting blankies for the shelter cats and dogs.  When they are adopted they take their blankie home with them.
I was keen to do this too.  I have not knitted in years but still know how.
So, we went wool and needle shopping.
Then Philip surprised me ........he wanted to have a go.
He said he could just about remember being taught to knit in primary school and if I could help him out, he wanted to knit a blankie.
So, I spent some time refreshing his memory on knitting skills and he had a go.

With Lily's careful supervision, ( it is hard to doing any bloody thing without Lily's careful supervision, she is sitting on my lap now helping me type) he set to clicketty clacking.
He is doing pretty well.
Ok, there has been a certain amount (rather a lot) of swearing & cursing but he hasn't given up.
It may take a while, but I am sure that one day a dog or cat will have a blankie created by Philip.
Real men knit !!!


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