Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year

Well here comes 2014
I wonder what it holds?
This time last year we didn't know we were going to lose our little Lollipop.
I missed her so much at Christmas.
She used to love 'helping' me wrap presents and had an addiction to ribbon bows.
She would tear them off the gifts under the tree and chew them.
We could never put bows on until the last minute as we knew she would soon have them all off again.
This year I didn't have a little 'bow biter'.
I did put a little Christmas bow in the small box that she is in now.
Soppy I know, but I can't help it.

Saying goodbye to Lollipop did mean we could save another life.
So we welcomed Sally.  She had been in animal control and would have been put to sleep.
She has turned out to be one of the sweetest kitties ever and has fitted right in with all the others.

New Years Eve.
I have a feeling we won't be going out tonight.
I thought we might go to a neighbour across the road but it seems it is going to be a family get together now and we don't like to intrude on family gatherings.

Alanmas begins on Jan 7th.
Poor Alan.
He will be coming from mild (ok it is probably wet & windy but still mild) Guernsey into the frozen tundra that is Milwaukee right now.
Temperatures have been exceedingly low now, even for here, for about a month.
The snow started back in November.  I remember coming home to it from sunny, warm Las Vegas on November 12th.
But, Alan seems to love it.  It is just a shame he has never seen Milwaukee in all her glory in the summer.  State Fair, festivals, River Rhythms etc. 
Summer is quite short here really so it is just as well that it is generally good.
It seems our natural state is to be buried beneath feet of snow.  Snow which is now frozen solid and I can, once again, walk on top of it.
I think we spend more of the year with snow than without it.
Alanmas will be fun.
He makes me tea !!!!  
He isn't visiting the UK this year as his holiday has been shortened somewhat.
I am glad he can keep in touch with his mates on facebook.  What a boon that is for people living miles apart.

So, finally to everyone (or should that say anyone) who reads this blog.
I wish you all a Healthy New Year and hope that any surprises 2014 holds are all good ones.


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