Friday, December 20, 2013

Stoopy steroids

We set off to see the Christmas lights and railway exhibition at the Country Springs Hotel on Wednesday evening.
It was lovely as usual but hard to believe that it had been a whole year since we had been here.
Time is flying way too fast these days.

The outside lights, set in woodland, were magnificent as always, but it was lovely to get inside for some hot chocolate.

I finished our Christmas cake.
I always think I won't get everything done and maybe I should just buy a Christmas cake in England and bring it back with me.
But, I never will.  They really don't taste as good......and it is only once a year.

Philip took the little cakes into his team at work yesterday (Thursday).  They all seemed very happy with them.
I am a little concerned because I sent all my Christmas cards out on the same day and it seems some people received theirs where others haven't.
I sent them ages ago too at the start of December.
I do hope they are not lost.

Poxy steroids.
They made me bloody ill.  I took the first day's, two in the morning, one after lunch, another after dinner and two at bedtime.
I was up nearly all night with stomach pains and nausea.
I had taken them with food etc.
I took one the following morning and then felt so bad I had to phone the dentist.
The upshot stop taking them.
I was going to anyway.  I felt really bad all day, even though I took no more after the one in the morning.
Today my stomach feels ok.
I shall have a glass or three of wine instead tonight.


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