Monday, January 6, 2014

Rather Bracing

Well...I know I have complained a little ( a bloody lot) about the cold here but it is now the coldest it has ever been since we have lived here - 16+ years.

In fact, there is talk on the news of record breaking cold temps.
Today I have not gone out.
Milwaukee schools are all closed and most 'non profit' organisations are also closed.
Philip received an email from his company this morning saying they were open.

Todays temperature is around minus 46C.
Alanmas begins tomorrow.
I do hope he has his winter bloomers on when he arrives as it is going to be quite a shock coming from mild Guernsey to here right now.

I do feel so bad about homeless people although I have heard there are 'warming stations' that have been set up.
I do hope they have provided shelter too.
Frostbite sets in within minutes if you are out in these conditions.
I don't know how the animals survive.  They too must be suffering terribly.
I am feeding as many as I can but today there hasn't been one bird at the feeder.  I think they must be huddled somewhere.
Trouble is birds have very high metabolisms and I know they cannot go more than a few hours without any food.

We did this with our Christmas tree.....of course ours is resting on around 3 feet of snow and ice.
It was suggested on facebook.  Rather than throw your tree out by the kerb, lean it up against a tree in your garden.
It provides shelter for small animals.  We also put corn in and around ours so there is a some extra food.  When Spring eventually arrives (around May) we can dispose of it then.
Meanwhile if it gives a little shelter from the brutally cold winds then it is doing some good.

The UK has major flooding problems.
I hope that stops soon too as that is no fun either.


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