Thursday, January 16, 2014

And the little one said..............

"There were five in the bed and the little one said..........."

I suppose I shall just have to make the bed later.
Alanmas is in full swing.
He has only had to shovel once since he has been here.  That is bloody good going.
Actually, it seems that December and February are usually the snowiest months with January being the coldest.
Philip and Alan went to the cinemas last week and were going again tonight but Philip got a flat tyre on the way to work and must get that seen to when he gets home.
Last week they saw The Hobbit in 48fps 3D (whatever  that is) and really enjoyed it.
On Saturday we plan on visiting the Milwaukee distillery.  This had only just opened for tours when we last went.  That was with Alan too.
Now they have expanded and it should be fun.
Alan wants to get some more of their whiskey and I expect Philip won't come out empty handed either.
I might even have a "wee dram" during the sampling this time....although it won't be whiskey.

Bubba is still very happy it is Alanmas.
He does love a blankie and a lap.
What is Alan doing in the bathroom?
Lily had been wailing that she wanted a drink out of the tap, but it must be the bathroom tap.
Not the sink ....the bath.
I explained this to Unky Al and then found him standing in the bath in his socks.
He was muttering that he didn't mind putting the tap on for Lily but he didn't want to get his socks wet.
I kindly reminded him that he didn't actually have to stand in the bath and that he could just slide the shower doors out of the way.
So this is what he did.

Lily seemed quite happy with the result.
What a lovely Unky Al or, as he has now informed us, he is called Hunky Al.


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