Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alanmas begins.

The tree had to come down....sadly.
It took 3 days to take down and pack all the house decorations, the Christmas ornaments and tree.
I thought I might end up paying for it and I have.

Alanmas began on Tuesday.
There were a few minor complications with his flights but nothing serious.
Alan's flight from the UK to Detroit was slightly delayed when he landed but he was lucky that his flight from Detroit to Chicago was also a bit behind so he could catch it.  He was also very lucky because all the previous flights to Chicago had been cancelled due to weather.
Anyway, Philip picked him up from Chicago safely and he is now safe, snug and basking in the glorious Milwaukee weather.

Here he is opening his Alanmas presents.
He seems happy with them.

The house looks bare without all the Christmas fruppery but a little bit of me likes it.
I do like to see clear surfaces and floors (the Alanmas detritus was soon cleared away).
Philip and I received lovely Alanmas gifts too.

Previously I said I thought I might pay for spending 3 days wrapping ornaments and packing them away in totes.  The lifting heavy china & glass Christmas ornaments, wrapping them and bending to put them away and doing the same thing with all the usual house ornaments in put them back on shelves and tables..........resulted in my back giving out a couple of days ago.
I have had very little sleep for the last two nights.
I wake up with severe back spasms and just cannot find a way to lie in bed comfortably.
I have been taking pills and rubbing in ointment (nothing like a good old bit of gloop to do nothing at all) but I know that it will only be rest and time that makes any difference.
Alan and Philip are going to see The Hobbit tonight in 48fps 3D (whatever that means) and I cannot go.  I would not be able to sit that long to watch it in 48fps 3D (whatever that means) even if it is wonderful.
I shall have to watch it when it is out on diddly dee or blu ray.  I wonder if they will be in 48fps (whatever that means) too?


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