Thursday, December 26, 2013


Isn't this cute !!

One of our neighbours gave me this.  She made it herself and it is filled with hot chocolate powder.
She also gave us a bag of homemade cookies.
Her girls come over every year and I always make sure I have a couple of gift bags for them too.
We are fortunate to live in a friendly neighbourhood.

The snow doesn't want to let up.
This is what happened on the 22nd, Sunday, the day we were meant to be going to the theatre downtown to see A Christmal Carol.

We couldn't get out.
The road wasn't ploughed so I phoned the theatre.
They started off by saying there wasn't much they could do.  They couldn't give us credit towards another performance.
These tickets were $75 each.  I persisted, very politely and then he said "Oh well, he could give us seats for Christmas Eve if we liked."
Yes we did like.
I fed the squirrels.
Poor little sods have a hard time in Milwaukee in winter.
I thought squirrels hibernated but ours don't.   The chipmunks do.

Perhaps we have stoopy squirrels.

My stomach is still poorly.
I am getting a bit fed up with it now. 

Christmas Eve came and we were off to see Christmas Carol.
I am so glad we managed to see it as it was marvellous.
It was by far, the best performance we have seen.  They had a different actor playing Scrooge and had added a lot more humour.
When we came out it was still snowing.
The house is now growing icicles.
This is early in winter to have icicles.  I wonder how big they will get.
On our way back from the theatre we stopped by another neighbour to give them the Christmas gifts we had for them.
I say 'we', but I couldn't get out of the car.  I was blocked in by the snow banks on the side of the road so I couldn't open the door.  Philip jumped out and delivered the parcels.

Once home from the we prepared the veggies for Christmas Day.
Gary is coming so I will have to do enough ......

Christmas Day dinner........I think I did enough.
Lol....we had eaten half of it too by the time I took this picture.
My belly was very painful today. 
Sort of took the edge of Christmas for me.

I got lots of lovely pressies though, including new nail colours, a necklace, Hello Kitty watches, bracelets, pajamas etc.

Oh and this............

Isn't it brill ?????
It has little plastic cats to collect.   Fabulous.

This is one of the pressies we got for Gary.
Doesn't he look thrilled?
Yes it is a toilet seat.......but, oh, what a toilet seat !!!!
We did buy him other things too.

We played a round of Crazy Cat Lady.
I won !!!!
The winner is the one who can collect most cats (now there's a surprise).  Gary collected 18, I collected 20 and Philip didn't have any.
Anyway, enough hilarity, it was time to settle down to watch the Christmas Doctor Who.
So we did.
Trouble was we didn't understand any of the damn thing.
What on earth was it all about?
Gary seemed to have a little more idea than we did, but then he watches Doctor Who way more than we do.
Anyway, there is another new Doctor now.  
He looks interesting.

Today is Boxing Day and my belly still hurts.
I hope it settles down soon.


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