Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy My Arse

Ha ha....I bet there were more than a few people round here who were not happy when they woke this morning, with a hangover, to find how much more snow had fallen over night.

Just as well Philip didn't have to go to work because he would not have got the car out and our road in unlikely to be ploughed until tomorrow.

Merv was out early, looking after his hole and snow blowing even while the snow was still falling fast.
Bless him.
Mrs Merv must love this time of year.

Philip is currently watching The Hobbit extended edition, on Blu ray.
It is one of his Christmas prezzies.
He plans on seeing the latest Hobbit movie at the cinema with Alan when he is here.
Donna and Lauren saw it in 48fps 3D......whatever that means and she thought it was amazing.
She isn't really into this type of film but she said the 48fps (whatever that means) makes it so life like you actually think you are there.
She said the 48fps (whatever that means) makes you feel as if you are watching real people in a play.  She said that when the camera angle was from above the forest it felt like you were looking down from up a tree.
This has intrigued me.
I rarely (never) go to the cinema, preferring to watch dvds but maybe I should try out this 48fps (whatever that means) mallarky just to see if it is as amazing as she says.
I might go with Philip and Alan if they can find it showing here in 48fps 3D (whatever that means).


At January 9, 2014 at 6:24 AM , Blogger peter said...

Would all this 43ftp or what ever make a difference to our 30 year old TV?
It is a Mitsubishi if that makes any difference


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