Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Ted Can't Hear Ya".

Tuesday morning dawned hot and sunny.
We are very fortunate with the summers. 
Off to Denny's Diner for brekkie.  We were all good and hungry for grub.
It was pants.
Took ages and when it did arrive it was cold.
Oh well.......won't go back there again.

After brekkie - Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf.
Adventure may be a little over the top but it was a lot of fun.
Lauren had her first "Kevin" moment of the trip.
Having collected our clubs and golf balls, we were just heading up the stairs to find the first hole of the "Challenging" course, when Lauren asked if we had picked up a score card and pencil.
" didn't," quoth Philip, "Lauren could you pop back and get them."
This triggered the classic 14 year old Kevin response of :-
shoulders suddenly drooping towards the ground and the emittance of a sound something approaching...."Urrrrrgh".
Philip and I could not stop laughing.  To her credit Lauren finished up laughing just as hard as we were.
Classic moment.
Next we went on to Wizard Quest.
We had never done this before.
It is very clever.
You have a number of puzzles to solve in an effort to save 4 wizards.
Four different realms.  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
There were secret doors, secret passageways etc, all very cleverly hidden.

This was just part of it inside.
We were in there ages.  Clues were hidden in tunnels, in trees - all over the place.

We did find all the answers but unfortunately no one had told us that to get the prize - 10% off stuff in the gift shop,  you had to do it in less than 90 minutes.
We had taken longer than that, as we found out when we returned to the car to find a parking ticket.
We were 10 mins over our paid time of 2 hours.
It was a relief to find that the fine was just $7.  I had imagined it would be much worse.


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