Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zombies....they march.

On Saturday the Zombies marched on Chicago.
They do this every year apparently.
Most of Milwaukee Zombies seem to be at the various bus stops I use.   I wish some of those would march.
Anyway, our friend, Gary, set off to take pictures.  He promised to send me some so I have included a couple here.

I would love to do some zombie make up.  I wasn't too bad at Klingons, Cardassians etc, many moons ago.
It would be fun to see how nasty I could make them look.

I love this photo.
It is good to see that zombies have families too.  
I thought these little zombies were very frightening.   I remember having groups of the creatures in my former existence in England.
Those were bigger and even more scary.
I have some of them as facebook friends now and they have turned out rather well.
They are lovely in fact.

I think these are good.
I bet they had a lot of fun marching through Chicago.  

Donna is still reeling from Tommy's sudden death on Sunday.
She phoned from work last night, in floods of tears again.  She says she can't seem to get her head round the way it all happened so fast.
Lovely people have made some really kind comments on facebook.
I really do thank those people for caring.....and I now know the ones who don't care too !!!!
But that is ok, I will send the Chicago Zombies after them.

I think they may get another cat when Lauren goes back from here.
It is less than a month until she arrives.  I can't wait to see her.


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