Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crazy Cat Lovers Weekend.

We had a lot of fun at the Crazy Cat Lovers weekend.
We only went for the day on Saturday but the hotel was lovely.
A few of the ladies brought their cats.  AND...the cats didn't fight or hiss.  I was amazed.
One girl came on her own with a 3 month old baby and her cat.
I was surprised that the hotel allow people to bring cats, but they didn't mind at all.
If they do it next year I think Philip and I would like to go for the whole weekend.
We wouldn't bring any cats though.
Whilst we were there, being cat nuts, we all had a little excursion to a shelter which had a rescue cat event going on.
I wondered if we would find our next kitty there as it seemed odd that this was held in Madison and we had got Lollipop from Madison.
But, although the cats were lovely, none were right for us.
Happily one of the other ladies adopted one (a boy...can't have any more boys because Bubba doesn't like them).  He was a big orange and white cat who looked so sad and depressed.
I was so happy that she took him.
A lucky day for him.

Sunday we were out shopping in Milwaukee and popped into our local pet store.
There was a rescue organisation showing some cats in there.   They rescue cats from animal control who would be put to sleep.
We found her.
Here she is.
We named her that.
She is one year old and very small.  I am actually wondering if she might be younger than one year as she is also very lively.
I loved this organisation.  They explained that by taking a cat from them you actually save two lives.  As we adopted Sally they now have room to rescue another one.  They are then held in foster homes until they can be adopted out.
She has been spayed, been micro chipped, has had all her vaccinations etc. and they gave us a pack of stuff to bring home.  Including a pretty pink collar.
All this for $60.  It would have cost us three times that amount just to have her spayed.
She is in the spare bedroom until the introductions can be made slowly.
Philip slept in there with her last night and apparently she snuggled with him all night.
Today.......I have got nothing done.  I have been in with her a lot.
She is extremely playful and lively, but very gentle.
Tootsie was busting to meet her so I let her in for a little while to see how things went.
It went well.  Tootsie loved her and wanted to play.
We always wondered if she missed her brothers and sister when they left and I think maybe she did.
Once Sally had worn herself out, she climbed into my lap and fell asleep.
Oh I love her.
Another nice thing the rescue place did.  They said they shall name their next rescue Lollipop in tribute to our lovely girl.
Dear Lolly....you have saved two lives.  We still miss you.

Oh yes, almost forgot.  The can of Spotted Dick was well received.
They are going to make it into a yearly trophy so whoever wins it gets to keep it for a year before it is passed on to the next winner.
Who'd 'a' thought it.


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