Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Free

Philip playing with Aunt Sally.
She is a hoot.
We took her for her first vet visit on Thursday.
Dr Thomas ( the best vet ever) was so impressed with her.  He was chuffed that we had given a home to another cat.  He had been the one who had to euthanize Lollipop after trying so hard to get her well for months.
He petted her, hugged her and said that, although we wondered if she were younger - she is so small - he agreed with the rescue that she is a year old.
He could not get over how fine and dainty she is.  This is a new thing for us.  Our animals have never been dainty.
Tootsie, who is just two, she was one of our foster kittens, is enormous.  She fits right in with everyone else.  Sally is tiny.  Look at this photo of Philip getting stuck by all those pointy bits, this kitty is tiny.
I do hope she stays this way.
Anyway, this was a very good experience for Sally.  I felt really bad putting her in the cat carrier to take her to the vet.
I guessed she was thinking, " Oh yes, they have had me for this time but now I am going back to THAT place."
I wish we could explain.
Dr Thomas made her feel good, did nothing nasty and didn't charge us a really.......we had to pick up Bubba's fluids and that is all they charged us.
I did point out that we had had a full new pet exam but he said that there was no charge as we had adopted from a humane society.
You cannot imagine how unusual this is over really you cannot.  We love this vet.

Back to Wednesday
I was at work and I got this phone call...not about 'danglers' this time.
The lady said " Can you please verify the name of the appointments management system you use."
"Yes", I replied. "Me"
Me - laughter
She - penny dropping - " Oh, you mean you?"
"Yes", said I.
After a little bit of laughter she understood that as a small business the appointments management system is me.
It reminded me of my nephew.
He too worked for a small business.
One day someone phoned and asked to be connected to their accounts department.
My nephew replied, " Ok, just a minute, he is just sweeping the yard."
I was in Sears on Tuesday.
Sears is a department store.  They had a recorded voice playing, telling everyone about a sale in the jewellery dept.
Oh my goodness it was awful.
For some reason they have the worst British accent you can imagine.
It tells you there is 20%  - ORF of jewellery.  Worse than any royal accent.
It quite gave me the giggles...really....I wanted to tell one of the assistants that I would have done that announcement with a pucker British accent for far less money.
It was like something out of "Are You Being Served?".
Oh Mrs Slocombe we so needed you .


At June 16, 2013 at 4:15 AM , Blogger Heather said...

If you are going to be the next Mrs Slocombe what colour hair are you going for!?!?!


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