Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another one

 Tommy RIP

Donna phoned this morning in floods of tears.
It took quite a while before I could make any sense of what she was trying to say.
All I got was "I can't believe it".

Apparently just about half a hour before, her gorgeous cat, Tommy, had popped out into the garden. He was gone for virtually seconds, before he came back in again.
Only when he came in he was dragging his back legs.
She and Lauren had rushed him to the vet's where they told her he had a blood clot on his spine.
There was no pulse in his feet and there was nothing they could do.
They had to euthanise him.
Tommy would have been 4 years old next month.
They are both devastated.   I expect people who have never loved a pet would find it hard to understand how terribly upset they are.
Poor Lauren.  Tommy was a very special cat.
He loved to lie in your lap.  He liked to bring you presents home, mostly empty crisp packets, empty cigarette packets and other rubbish he found.
He was always very proud of his gifts.
Last year when I was over there, he made me late for my bus most days because he would settle himself in my lap and nod off.
He was so comfy that I never had the heart to move him, so the bus came and went without me.
Most people on facebook have been so kind.
Many of them know that Donna's husband died when Lauren was only 4 years old and they really could do without any more drama in their lives.
I think they have been through more than most and never make a fuss about anything - unlike some other people I know.
I posted a status on facebook and I do appreciate the people who took time to say how sorry they were to hear about poor Tommy.
I was a little surprised by some who didn't, but only the ones I would have expected to say something.  I do understand that some do not develop a fondness for animals so that is fine - I do get that.
Others....not so much.


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