Friday, June 21, 2013

River Rhythms....yay.

Last week was meant to be the first River Rhythms of the summer.
But, as we had severe storms and tornado warnings, it was called off.
So Wednesday was the first one.
And out they came.
The guy above had a whale of a time wearing his plastic, toy fireman's helmet.....and why not?
He danced all night and never, ever took his hat off.
We did think the band were pants though.
Well........that is unfair, they were probably good if you like that sort of thing.
They were some sort of Cuban band.  They played...ermm....I suppose salsa type, Latin American music which just sounded like one long song with a few breaks in it.
It really did just sound all the same.  
They did a little bit of singing but this was all in "foreign" so who knows what it was about.
Even I got totally bored with them.  I also found it irritating that they kept wanting us to "put our hands together for",  Fred - on trumpet, Bert - on bongos, Bill - on kazzo, Dave - on the toilet etc.
Not once or twice but over and over again.

The regular 'oddities' were back and there were a few new ones too.   No doubt we shall share in their joyfulness as the weeks go on.
Next week we won't go as it is the opening day of Summerfest.
This is held every year for about 10 days right on the lakefront.   About 6 stages, brilliant bands, loads of booze and about 10 billion people.
All these people need to park somewhere so we have given up on River Rhythms while Summerfest is on.
We have been to Summerfest ourselves a couple of times.  We saw Metallica there when we first came over here.  They were absolutely brilliant.
We don't go any more though.  The crowds are just too much for me and I start to panic.
There are plenty of other festivals I can go to so I don't mind missing that one.

The Chicago Zombie March is on this weekend.
Our friend Gary is going so that he can take photos.   It is so much fun.
I shall post some of his photos.

We bought this solar light for the garden a few months ago, little knowing at the time that we would lose Lollipop.
We got it because it looks so much like her. 

The roses are starting to come out now.
They do look pretty.  I have noticed that the sunflowers are growing well too.

June and I have been swimming twice a week again.  I do so enjoy it.  We had to cancel today though as we are in the middle of another major storm.
I think the next few days are looking stormy too.  This storm season seems much later than we usually have.  At least it is warm though.
Not long, just about a month, before Lauren comes over.  We have booked our week in the Wisconsin Dells and booked the kitty sitter too.
She came round last night to meet Sally as we didn't have her when she was here before.  Oh she loved the little monster.
We are lucky to have someone who is comfortable giving Bubba his 'zoomie juice' (fluids).

Sally loves her new 'kicker' toy.

We are so looking forward to Lauren being here.  We have such fun with her.   We need the break to the Dells too.  It has been a stressful year so far.
I suppose I shall soon be looking at ticket prices for my trip over there.
Hopefully no one will be ill this time.
It is getting more and more expensive though.  Flights used to be much cheaper out of season but not so much now.
I love coming over though and would hate to miss it.


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