Thursday, June 6, 2013

THEM !!!

We get bloody big ants here.
You could have put a saddle on this one.  
He was making his way around the kitchen this morning.   I put the pen there just to show how big this bugger was.
I wrestled with him for an hour (or it might have been a couple of minutes) and then I hurled him into the back garden where he is probably terrorizing the squirrels.

My idiot magnet was on top form yesterday.  It has been a bit quiet lately and I thought I may have left it somewhere.
I got to the bus stop and there was a lady already sitting on the bench.
She immediately told me the bus would be about 5 minutes.
I replied that I hoped so.
She then said, "Are you from down south?  Your accent is funny."

RIGHT THEN, I should have known.   Did I twig?  Course I didn't.
"No," said I, "England".
"Oh" she continued, "I think some of my boyfriend's family were from English (ENGLISH !!)"

She then proceeded to tell me that she lived a couple of blocks away but didn't feel save there as 'they' kept banging on her door and 'they' called the police and told them she had tried to kill herself.  Her boyfriend had got into trouble and wasn't allowed there anymore and anyway, once she had collapsed and he called the ambulance and got her to hospital where she had her appendix out and she was in there for 6 days and then she came home, got a fever and went back and they kept her for another two weeks and wanted to send her to rehab but she wouldn't go...and she had a big scar on her stomach but she hadn't felt any of the cutting or anything when she had the operation....and.....and.....and......and....and.

Wow, that bus takes a long time to arrive when you really, REALLY want it to.
She asked my name and told me her name is Cookie.  Well, that's nice.

Sally is part of the family now.....well except for Lily who is still in her snit.
Here she is with Tootsie working out how many of the birdies on the bird feeder they could catch.
She really is a delight. We are so glad she found us.


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