Thursday, June 27, 2013

Parading gaily

It was Milwaukee's Pride Parade the weekend before last.
I think I have seen the two above in Black Adder.
Our chum went along and took some photos.  For some reason Philip isn't keen on going.
Strange that.

It looks like everyone was having 'gay old time' so to speak.
It seems that the dress code is somewhat relaxed.
There are generally people with banners proclaiming everyone is going to hell, but I don't see any in the pictures.
Perhaps they have found something better to do at last.

I think they all look like they are having a wonderful time and there is nothing wrong with that - as far as I am concerned.

The storms here never seem to end.
Philip is mean to be playing golf this evening after work but the thunder is rumbling as I type.
Maybe, as he is playing nearer to Illinois, the weather won't be so bad.
Extremely hot though - remind me of this when I am complaining about how bloody cold it is in January.

I have almost finished my tiger painting.  It has taken me weeks, partly because I have to let the oil paints dry off a bit each time.   You cannot do this sort of painting without allowing some drying as it is more precise work and would end up as mud.
I have used about 4 different techniques in this one.  The next bit I hope will be the last and I can just allow it to dry completely then glaze it.
I love trying new things but wish my hands didn't hurt quite so much.
AND...I have a bad knee.
I have to blame it on the weather, hot & humid, as I don't remember doing anything in particular to it.
A friend in England has a bad knee too, so I hear.  His is the right is mine.
Must be a bug going about.


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