Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi Tech

Woo Hoo....... Alan is online.
He phoned yesterday to tell me that not only had he got his own phone (at last) but that he had now encroached upon the 21st century and got a laptop.
He has a Facebook page and every fink.

I told him he wouldn't want to visit us now as he has all his home comforts right there.
He poo poo ed that and said he can't wait to get over here. Bless him.

I am so pleased he is online. It makes keeping in touch with him so much easier. We used to have to wait for him to call and then phone him straight back.
Now we, and all his friends, can communicate via Facebook with no tribble, I mean trouble, at all.

I am not so pleased with my back.
After my adventure at the physio therapist, I cancelled my appointment for Tuesday.
I had just started to feel a bit better when it went "ping" again this morning.
I do try to be optimistic about it but it is very discouraging when you think it is improving only to have it ping for no good reason.
Bloody back.

Major storms here today with the obligatory "Tornado Warning" on the telly.
I should really pay more attention and I suppose one day I could get caught out if one touches down in Manitoba Street.
Philip is supposed to be playing golf this evening.
I hope he doesn't end up "somewhere over the rainbow".

Time for a Dave Barry :-

A theme park is an amusement park where you pay one blanket admission fee, which is quite steep, but once you're inside, everything is totally free, except all the other stuff you end up buying, which will run you around $11,000 per child.
Every few yards you find yourself stopping to buy high-priced theme-park food, theme-park merchandise, theme-park clothing and theme-park photographs of yourself looking theme-park ugly.
Sometimes you stop and just spontaneously throw money into the theme-park air. You can't help yourself! You're theme-park stupid.

Oops....I need to go. It seems the Tornado Warning is becoming more insistent. I hope Philip has got his ruby slippers with him.


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