Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flights of fancy..........

Flights of fancy.........well I don't find them very fanciful.

I thought it was time I started looking at flights and booking up for my England trip.
I am hoping to come over in September but bloody hell it is expensive now.

Gone are the days when I could book a return trip for under $300 out of season.
I have been trawling the interwebs and the cheapest I can find for the actual dates I would like is $973.
I like to arrive and leave on a Sunday so that Donna doesn't have to contend with horrid traffic to Heathrow, but I thought I would try mid week as I have been told it is cheaper.
Well it is ...........just a bit.
I changed it to arriving and leaving on a Tuesday and the cheapest I can find is $913.

I am cross because Virgin no longer go from Chicago during the "off season" so I have the choice of American Airways, United or British Airways.
I won't book with British Airways as you can never tell if they are going to strike and leave me stranded.
I even tried doing a non direct flight and that wasn't any cheaper either.

I can understand it being pricey during the summer hols but mid Sept to mid Oct should be cheap. Well I think so.
Plus, now you if take two cases you have to pay $50 extra for the second one.
When you are staying for a month you do tend to fill up two cases quite easily.
But, I shall have to just take one this time.
I will have to book it soon as they seem to be filling up already.

Weather here continues hot. It has been 90+ (according to my little thermometer) for the past week.
Thank goodness for air conditioning. I would never sleep without it.

The back is improving slowly as is Philip's gob.


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