Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anything else???????

Well it seems that everything in my favour was against me.

Yesterday afternoon Philip went off to see the oral surgeon for a "consultation".
While he was gone the weather turned a bit iffy, so I phoned Gary to have a "consultation" with him as to whether we should chance the weather and go to River Rhythms.

We were in the midst of one big thunderstorm or tropical storm as they were calling it on the news but I was hoping it would pass over.
We were still ummm and ahhhhing when Philip phoned on the cell phone.

I guessed something was up when he had been gone for over an hour but as soon as I heard his muffled mumblings on the phone I knew what had happened.
Poxy dentist hadn't let him escape this time and had taken the tooth out without making another appointment.
Clever man.
So, that sort of made up my mind completely and I told Gary we wouldn't be going.
He agreed that it was probably the best thing to do.

Philip arrived home armed with 4 prescriptions for painkillers, mouthwash, antibiotics & some other Toothy Num Num type stuff.
He was not happy. Well, after a bit I think he was quite happy that it was all over with.
I could see the difference in him. This tooth had had an abscess and was really bad. It had been playing him up for ages but it is so difficult to get him to a dentist.
He knew it would have to come out and had been walking around like Perkin with the little black cloud over him for some time.
I could see that cloud had lifted. At least now it was done with. It could go and hurt somewhere else.

Apart from Toothy Num Num we were sure we had made the right decision when the tornado warning flashed onto the telly.
Not much fun sitting in a deckchair in the park in a tornado.
Exciting maybe but fun

Oh I had call from the doctor this afternoon.
Apparently my back isn't fractured. What !!!!!!!!!
I would have been ever more miffed if I had managed to fracture my back getting washing out of the machine.


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