Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is a cute bug....and I don't like bugs. He is waving his little leg.

Ok so I finally accepted that the back was not going to get better all by itself.
But, going to see the quack means two bus rides and a walk. No way was I going to be able to do that.
Philip is off work today as he has to see the dentist.
So, at the weekend he said that I should try to get an appointment for the quack for today.
Of course it was a holiday weekend...........4th July.
This is quite an occasion over here so everything including the quack's was closed on Monday because the 4th was Sunday.

So I couldn't phone until yesterday to try to get an appointment for today.
I wasn't hopeful.
But, I got one for 11.45am this morning.

The doctor looked at me and tested my reflexes. This suggested muscle damage but not a trapped nerve.
She then sent me downstairs for x-rays........8 x-rays. Just how many pictures do you need of someone's back?
The thing I had to lie on was very cold and I was not wearing much.
Heh heh....I kept having visions of a Carry On Film.
I thought I would get very crabby but actually lying on that hard surface was about the most comfortable I have been for ages. I didn't want to get up.

Then she said I should have physio therapy so I am going there next week.
I am also now armed with muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory pills.
I hope the insurance is going to cover all this.

Tonight is River Rhythms and as I haven't been anywhere for about 30 years.......teensy exaggeration maybe.....but that is how it feels........I would really like to go.
I am just having to watch the weather as they predict scattered thunderstorms.
There is no fun in sitting in the park during a thunderstorm, unless, of course, Brother (men in leather kilts) are playing but they were on a couple of weeks ago.

I hope poor Philip does ok at the dentist.


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