Sunday, November 29, 2015

Giving Thanks

We had our Thanksgiving dinner.
Gary joined us.   I had some spare Christmas crackers from last year, so, as it feels like Christmas, we pulled them.
It is always fun reading out the silly jokes and wearing paper hats.
I think Lauren's was a bit big.

I cooked enough for an army, but then I usually do.
I find it very difficult to cook for smaller numbers.  Nothing goes to waste though.  I sent Gary home with another dinner and the leftovers are now all gone.

Yesterday we went to the Christmas craft fair and, to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed.
There wasn't quite as much variety as we have seen in recent years.
But, it is one of our traditions, so after two turns round the fair we bought a couple of things, then had our cappuccino (way too sweet) and went to buy a Christmas tree.
We got a beauty.
We go to the same store every year.  They seem to have the best trees.

We brought it home on the roof of the car and Philip got it into the tree stand.
I gave it water and tree food and we allowed it to rest over night.
Today, Sunday, Philip and Lauren have been busy putting, what seems like, a million lights on it.
Tomorrow I will begin the task of decorating it.......if I can find room between the lights.
We have finished our outdoor display and actually lit it all for the first time last night.
It does look good.
While we were doing it, one of our neighbours came past walking his dog. He stopped to chat and said that he looks forward to our garden display every year and really enjoys it.
How cool was that?  Such a nice thing to say.
We saw a car stop outside our house last night and the people were looking at our Christmas display.
We've never noticed that before.
We have gone, even more, overboard this year.  We have the front and the side of the house decorated, numerous lighted sleighs, Santas, reindeer, Christmas trees, ermmmmmmmmm oh a lighted mailbox with Snoopy on top. It opens and Woodstock pops out........and quite a few more.
Philip even bought one of the new projector thingies which projects swirling snowflakes over the walls of the house.  It even changes colours.  He got it for $19.99 in the sales.

I will take some photos ......of course.

TommyJones wore my Christmas hat.
He didn't think much of it I think.


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