Thursday, July 25, 2013


Lauren arrived safely on Tuesday afternoon.
She brought a cold with her but she isn't too bad.
When I came home from work on Wednesday I asked her if she felt up to going to River Rhythms as I didn't want her to feel she had to if she didn't feel well.
She decided she did want to go.......which was just as well.
She has become a great fan of Green Day and various other 'punky' bands.
She has some fab clothes as well.  She looks really good in her skinny black jeans, studded belts and chains.
The band turned out to be something we have never seen there before.

Fatty Acids - a punk band.
Lauren was in heaven.
There was something called "Moshing" going on.
It seems to be alcohol induced and rather strenuous at times.   I think my moshing days are fact I do not believe they ever arrived.  I have led a somewhat sheltered life.
Mosh free in fact.  

Gary, it has to be said, didn't do an awful lot of moshing either.
But we enjoyed watching others 'mosh'.
Philip was not one of those "others".

And then a very elderly wolf walked by.
At least I think it was a wolf.  It isn't the sort of thing you go up and ask, but whatever he was he was a cutie.

The next to arrive were the hippies.
They seemed to enjoy the Fatty Acids too!!!!
This guy reminded me of Prince George from Black Adder and his 'enormous' trousers.

We had our picture taken by a representative of the West Town association, presumably for a local paper or something.
I wish I knew which one so I could see how bad it looks.  No one remembered to suck their bellies in or anything.

The punk gods must have been looking after Lauren.  She had a fabulous time.  We bought her the cd, of course, as it is nice to take these things home.
Tomorrow we are off to the mall.
Lauren wants to look in all the weirdo, oops I mean, punk shops.  She has grown up alarmingly since I saw her last.........which was only at Christmas.
It is odd to have a teenager in the house again.  I have to admit I am rather enjoying it.


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