Wednesday, July 3, 2013

White Tiger

The white tiger painting is finished. Well, it is if I can stop fiddling with it.
The rule is that once I have signed it I don't touch it again.  Ha, but I haven't signed it yet.
Actually, I have to wait for it to dry a bit more before I can varnish it so it isn't technically finished.

I haven't named it yet.
I might choose to use this as my Christmas card this year.
So, those of you on my Christmas list may have this to add to your collection.
I hope you like it.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first part of a crown.
I hate it.
My dentist is lovely and sweet but it is such a long process.  I was in the chair for almost two hours.
The root canal had already been done so it was a matter of  impressions ( I do a fair Mrs Slocombe but I wouldn't be able to go on the stage with it) ok....impressions of my teeth so they can make the crown.
That is horrid.  Stuff your gob full Play Dough which sets and then he tells you to open your mouth.
Almost impossible - your jaws are stuck together.
The next bit is worse. He has to grind the tooth right down. 
But, my worst bit was when he had to pull the gum away from what's left of the tooth and wind some stuff around it so it keeps it away.  This is so the crown can have room to fit snugly. 
Anyway, now I have a temporary crown and have to go back in a couple of weeks for the pucker one.
Needless to say, but I am saying it anyway, my gob was sore last night.
A brandy or three helped though.

4th July tomorrow.  I can't believe we are in July already.
In three weeks Lauren will be here.  Fabulous.
She can play with Sally and the poxy Da Bird toy.
She wants me to play with it all day.  I keep putting it in the closet in Alan's room.   Trouble is she knows where it is and meows and meows at the door until I get it out and play again.
Hee hee.....I have visions of poor Alan, sitting like a demented fishing gnome on the end of his bed all night, playing Da Bird with Sally.
Bless him.   He would do it too.


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