Friday, July 5, 2013

Smelling the roses.

HRH Princess Lilibet III is happily smelling the roses I brought in.
I must admit that creating an arrangement of beautiful roses, gently floating in a crystal bowl had not been my intention.
Far from it.
My intention had been to water the Basil plant that the poxy chipmunks keep digging up.  I was also watering the chives and the sunflowers that the rabbits seem to have a passion for.
As I flipped the hose, which had kinked for the 99th time in five minutes causing me to mutter softly, "Oh dearie, dearie me.  What a to-do.", the hose took the heads off 3 of my roses which had just come into bloom and were tarting up my front garden.
"Oh, Shut The Front Door.", said I, and, "Pee, Po, Belly, Bum, Drawers."
So, to make the best of a minor disaster I brought them in and arranged them thusly.
Here they will stay until Bubba discovers them and eats them.  Such is life with cats.

I do have some lovely roses though.
I love this rose, I think it is called a not Cowabunga (that is from the Ninja Turtles).
It means the rose produces a whole bunch on one stem at the same time.
Sort of like creating a bouquet in one go.   I think it is gorgeous.

Tootsie was not as impressed with the roses as Lily was.
Bubba still hasn't spotted them.  He is getting a little slow as he ages.

Yesterday was Independence Day.
Fireworks up and down the country.
There is a  huge display over Lake Michigan every year.   People camp out by the lake from a couple of days before.
When we lived Downtown, we used to go as we could just walk from home.  We don't now as parking is a nightmare. 
Anyway, this year was a damp squib.
Thousands of people were waiting for them to start.  Fox 6 News were there, as usual,  when a huge fog bank rolled in just before it started.
Apparently, you couldn't see a thing.  They televised it and I had recorded it.
Truly, all you could see was fog.
The booms and bangs were clear enough but barely a spark was visible.
At the end the broadcasters said,  " sounded good."


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