Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh Brother

My favourite band,  Brother, were playing at River Rhythms last night.
Oh in leather kilts.
Actually, they play really fab music.  They call it Tribal Rock, which just about sums it up.
They play guitars, drums, keyboard and didgereedoos.
They are Australians that are of Scottish decent.
This makes for a very interesting mix.  With names like - Angus, Fergus and Hamish, there must have been some Scottish influence.
They are at River Rhythms once a year and it is always a good crowd when they are playing.
There are always a few oddities at River Rhythms.
This one made me feel a little sad.
He was all on his own, wearing his little kilt.....and just has such a sad face.
Hopefully he was having a good time.  Bless him.

They are brilliant musicians.
That guy playing the didgereedoo is also playing the keyboard at the same time.
A beautiful, warm evening, with beautiful cool wine.  It cheered me up no end.
Next week Gary will be away and Philip looked up which band would be playing.
Can't remember the name but the description was a mix of    Ska, Reggae & Hip Hop.
Oh well....I think we shall be giving that one a miss.

I bet that Ska band doesn't even have any leather kilts.


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