Monday, July 8, 2013

Flap Flap

Donna is poorly again.
Those of you who have been interested, know that she gave us quite a scare a couple of months ago.
She had an MRI and an MRV just a week or so ago.  These were the last of her tests.
We have been waiting for the results and happy as each day passed with no news.
You never want to hear too quickly.
The longer it goes on, the more likely it is nothing serious.
Yesterday she phoned me to say she was feeling really bad.  She could barely stand.  The room was spinning every time she moved her head and it was making her nauseous.
It was so bad it was making her throw up.
I wanted her to go to the hospital but she wouldn't.
Today she went to the doctor.  Her friend took her as she can't drive like this.
She has labrynthitis.  This is an infection of the inner ear.
I have had this and it is awful.
Anyway, she now has the meds to treat it and, whilst there learned that the results of those last tests were clear.
What a relief.
My mind had been all over the place when she started having these new symptoms.
Once again I was ready to get a flight over.
The doctor thinks she should feel better in a week although, of course, she can't go to work as she can't drive.
At least she has stopped up-chucking.

Other things.
The weather here is very hot again.
I saw the fireflies were back a couple of nights ago.  Oh I love them.  They are like little fairies lighting up the night.
I could sit at the window and watch them for hours.

Bit of a punch up going on here - we call it "bonding".
Tootsie is big, much bigger than Sally, but Sally is quick, nimble and bitey.
Tootsie is a gentle giant and tends to come off worse.
They remind me of American football players.
Tootsie is like a big, ole  defense something or other, and Sally is like the nippy, little running something else.  I am sure Alan knows what these are called but I do not.  I know there are a couple of 'tight ends' in the team but that probably pertains to something else entirely.
Fortunately it is play and it since they have been wrestling we have noticed them becoming closer.

Looby Loo is now giving us cause for concern.
She hasn't been herself lately and I am worried she is going the same way as Lollipop.
Fortunately she has an appointment with the vet on Thursday for her rabies shot so we can get him to give her the once over then.
I really can't face losing another one.


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