Friday, February 15, 2013

The Face at the window...

Lolly seems to be doing well so far.
We brought her home on Wednesday and it was lovely to see her taking an interest in things and looking so happy to be back.
She woke me with her little, tippy tap paw on Thursday morning.   Bliss.
She continues to eat.
She is on steroids for the time being and the vet will gradually start to reduce the dose to see how she does.
I can't tell you how happy we are to have her back with us.

Alan has arrived safely in Whitstable.  I am sure he will be having a lovely time now.  I think they are going to France on Sunday.
We seem to be getting some snow every day at the moment.  Just small amounts (well small amounts by our standards)  - to keep us topped up I suppose.
But, I saw on the news last night that we should start preparing for another "major snow event" for Thursday next week.....and we haven't even got our Captain Shovel now!
I am hoping to be able to get to work on long as they don't bring the 'event' forward a day.   We pedestrians and bus travellers have a hard time you know.

I was awoken this morning at 6am, by the sounds of Merv merrily scraping his hole.
We had had more snow and the temperature was around minus 10C.
What is he thinking?
It could be a sort of signal to me that we have had more snow, but he seems to be out there scraping away at his orifice even if we haven't had fresh snow.
I think Merv takes better care of that hole than he does of Mrs Merv.
Mind you, I think she must love getting him out of the house for a while.
I bet he can't wait for Thursday's 'snow event'.



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