Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's The Woluffs.....

What a pants weekend.
Friday night we were off to Ice Hockey to see The Milwaukee Admirals play The Chicago Wolves.
Firstly, the temperature was ridiculous.
My jaw has been really hurting again lately and I didn't feel that great.  I didn't relish the idea of going out at all but tickets had been bought so off we went.
Philip hadn't mentioned that he felt rough too.
We met up with Gary and settled down to watch the worst game of hockey I have seen in a very long time.
The Wolves made our lot look like Hamsters.
The Admirals were soon 5 - 0 down although they did grab a couple of goals towards the end.
There was a college band playing, who were very good, but they also had a large following of college students - who were not.
We had a whole tribe of them behind us and it was a nightmare.
The interval entertainment was awful too.
So, what with my gob hurting, dreadful hockey, shrieking students, boring entertainment and the thought of going back out into frozen tundra,  I didn't have a great time.

Saturday I awoke to the sound of snowblowers.
This makes your heart sink.
Philip and Alan were out before 9am clearing the snow from paths, driveways and sidewalks, but it was still snowing.
Philip was on support for work AGAIN and if it could go wrong, it did. 
He was feeling more poorly with his chest problems again and finished up having to go to Urgent Care to get some meds prescribed.

Today, Sunday, work issues meant every time we tried to go out we had to come back because something had failed and Philip had to sort it out again.
We did manage to pop into The Domes where they are currently having the train exhibition.  The theme this year is Circus.

This was fun but we had to, once again, cut short the visit so that Philip could sort work issues out.
Apart from the Exhibition Dome there are the Tropical and Dessert domes.
Here Alan is in the Dessert one.   It really reminded me of our Phoenix Trip plus, it was lovely to be warm.

I loved this cactus.  It has little baby ones growing on the leaves.

Right now Alan is watching the Super Bowl, with Bubba.
It doesn't look very super to me.   My jaw is still hurting and I think I shall have to see the dentist again.  I am fast approaching the end of my tether with it.


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