Sunday, February 10, 2013

A whole week of it.

Another poxy week.
Firstly Philip was unwell.  Really poorly and had to go to the urgent care.
It turned out he had, what they call over here, 'walking pneumonia'.
He hadn't felt good for some time and since he had pneumonia a few years ago it does seem to have left him with a weakness.
These winters don't help him at all......I shall come back to that.
Then we noticed Lollipop was off her food.
She didn't seem her usual self either.
Tuesday she totally stopped eating and was hiding herself away.  Our vet, once again, could not fit her in and we finished up at the animal hospital.
They did x rays, blood and urine tests and sent her home with 3 weeks worth of antibiotics.
The vet was not very nice either.   He tried to suggest we had been neglecting her and it had been going on for weeks.   NEGLECTED....ONE OF OUR CATS....RIDICULOUS.
He also insisted she is older than 6.
He had to give up on that when told we have had her since she was a tiny kitten and know exactly how old she is.
To suggest we neglected her in some way makes me so angry.  Lollipop has cost us more than any of the other cats.
We had only had her 5 days when she got an intestinal blockage, had to go to the emergency vet and cost us $800 + for treatment.
Then, at around 18 months old she suddenly got a big belly.  Off to the vet, with worries of tumours etc going through our heads, x rays, tests and $200  later the vet said...."I am very sorry to tell you this......but you have a fat cat."
Glenn thought this was hilarious.  He said he would have told us she is fat for only $100.
Anyway, this later trip to the vet cost $406.
Neglected indeed.
But she didn't pick up.  After a couple of days still not eating and looking to be wasting away, I phoned the vet again and asked for stronger antibiotics.
He said she is on the best ones and the tests show she has high globulin levels in her blood which means either an infection or cancer.   I wasn't prepared for that.  But, I wasn't prepared to give up either.
So, we bought her baby food.  Not kitten food food.  I have been spoon feeding her the last two days and she is taking a little at a time.  She has come out from hiding too.  I even gave her some of Bubba's fluids one day as she looked dehydrated.  We are not out of the woods yet but I think we may have found a path.  Alan has been as upset as we are over her.  She loves him and is always sitting with him.  Please send all your best healing thoughts to Lollipop that it is an infection and nothing else.

 Thursday we had another spot of snow.  It does look pretty.

Captain Shovel was out the back tackling our very own Narnia.

While Philip wielded the snow blower in the front.
He could have done without that as he was still poorly.

Friday I had to have the oral surgery.
I had twilight sleep which means you don't know anything about it and the surgeon was lovely.
Still horrid thing to have done though.   I was out of it for much of the day and my face hurt like buggery.
Yesterday, my face was hot and red and I was a bit worried about it but it seems to have calmed down today.
With all this going on I was still spoon feeding Lollipop every couple of hours.
The surgeon phoned me yesterday to see how I was doing.  Wasn't that nice?

Today is Alan's Birthday.  He seemed to like all his pressies.
We took him out to brekkie. I still can't eat very well so I just had a little scrambled egg and cottage cheese.  It was the first sort of solid food I have been able to eat since Thursday so to me it was yummy.
Philip is taking him to the Harley Davidson Museum this afternoon and then they are having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  No point me going as I wouldn't be able to eat anything.
Not done yet.
It has been a very stressful week.  Philip being ill, Lollipop being ill and the oral surgery.
So, this afternoon ....I had an angina attack......just to round things off........sigh.


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