Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And There's More......

Monday Lollipop was taken into the vet's hospital.
Our own vet.  She had stopped eating entirely and I was at my wit's end.  She was literally wasting away before our eyes.
So, we saw our vet who took a good look at her and said he thinks it may be FIP.  This is a fatal disease.
We were devastated.  He said there is no test for it and it is still something of a mystery to animal medicine.  He said most cats carry it from the time they are kittens.  Most will never have a symptom and it will not affect them at all.
In a few others, for some reason the virus mutates and then they become very ill and eventually die.
They do not know what triggers the virus to mutate.
So, as he put it, he could tell us what it wasn't but he could not definitely tell us what it was.  The most important thing was to get her eating so that if it is just an infection, she would have the strength to fight it off.
We were very upset.  She is Philip's special girl.
She has been there since Monday.  They force fed her twice on Monday and again on Tuesday.m They also gave her steroids and an appetite stimulant.  I have been phoning every day - of course.
Then a miracle happened. 
She started eating..... ON HER OWN.
Her temperature is down and she is back to being a bit feisty with the vet.  He says this is good as before she had no strength to fight.
He phoned me today and said as long as the temp stays down she can come home this evening.
We must not get carried away though.
One of two things will happen.  If it is FIP then she will have another episode like this.
If it was just a nasty infection it should be over and done with and not happen again.
So, we shall take a day at a time and hope for the best.  If it is FIP then we will not let her suffer.  We shall make a decision when we think she has little quality of life left.
But, it may just be an infection that has now gone.   Keep hoping with me.

Alan has just left in a taxi to go to Milwaukee airport.   I was sad to see him go.  I have had people staying here since before Christmas so the house already seems rather quiet.
He said he enjoyed his stay and I enjoyed having him around.  He was a great help through various illnesses (Philip) and other trials and tribulations.  He is going to be staying in Whitstable for a few days and also is meeting up with Ashford chums next week.  I wish him a safe trip and hope he makes his connection in Newark for the flight back to England.  The timing is a bit tight from what he tells me.  He will have to get a wiggle on when he lands in Newark airport to catch that next flight.

Lastly my good chum Tracey has nominated me for a Liebster award.

ABOUT THE AWARD - this award was designed to be a blog award in the pay it forward fashion. Once you've been nominated you in turn award it to blogs that you like to visit that have fewer than 200 followers.  This is to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs - isn't this a fabulous idea?!
RULES FOR ACCEPTANCE - you must thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Post the award on your blog. Give the award to 5 bloggers who you appreciate that have less than 200 followers.  Leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have given them this awesome award. 
PAY IT FORWARD - Listed below are five blogs that I think you should visit:
Tracey Anne Designs 
 Newsless News
 Andy's World - The Home of the Bizarre Rant
I am not sure if I have done this correctly as my mind is a bit useless at the moment.  So, apologies if I did it wrong.......but I expect it is near enough.


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