Thursday, February 28, 2013


Storm Rocky started Tuesday 2pm.  It went on until Wednesday midnight.
The weathermen predicted 4 -6 inches of new snow for our area.
We got around 17 inches.
We live on a small side road so we always seem to be last to be ploughed.  So our road was not ploughed Wednesday morning.  It had disappeared completely....can you see a road in this picture?
Nobody could get out so all the guys down the street were at home.
This is the best thing about our wicked weather.  It makes for some good old fashioned neighbourliness.
I loved seeing the guys out there with their snowblowers and shovels, all helping each other and chatting.
We never see each other much during the winter.  The summer is different as people are outside more.
So, there is always a plus side to any situation.
When asked if he could have used Alan yesterday, Philip replied that he could have used at least 3 Alans.  We always joke that the biggest snows always wait for Alan to go home.
Alan must be starting work again soon.  I bet he feels like he has never been away now.  I always do that when I get back from a trip.
On to more important things :-

It wasn't long before Merv was out in search of his hole.
Oh doesn't he look forlorn?
"Merv's Epic Quest To Find His Orifice"
I did feel sorry for him.
He spent ages trying to locate his hole and made an attempt at digging it out again.
But,  "The Snow Plough Monster"  appeared from the arctic depths and covered it with a couple more tons of snow again.
Our Merv is made of stern stuff though.
I was awoken early this morning by the sounds of scraping.   A shovel scraping on something.
I knew immediately what it was. When I got up I peeked out of the window.
And there, in all its glory, as if it had never been away......

was Merv's hole.
Now I know that all is well with the world.

I popped outside last night to check the birdie feeder (oh they struggle so at this time of year) and to put some grub out for Arnie the possum.  It was really strange out there.
The moonlight on the vastness of the snow seemed to change the whole street into an almost alien landscape.
It was actually eerily beautiful.
I know snow can be a nuisance but even so, there is something almost bewitching about it too.
Well...I think so anyway.


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