Friday, February 22, 2013

It evented.

Philip had to dig out the drive again this morning before going to work.
He wouldn't have got the car out of the garage if he hadn't.
I looked out expecting to see no sign of Merv's hole....but that little bugger must have been out very early to dig it out.
There it is.  Like a beacon in the snow.  Announcing to everyone that Merv's Hole is safe and all is well with the world.
Trouble is since this was taken, it has still been snowing and ....the blooming snowplough has been along and ploughed our drive back in again.
So, logically, Merv's hole must have been ploughed in too.  But I expect he was out there like a rat up a drainpipe to dig it out again.
OR....maybe he threw himself over his hole to shield it from the snowplough's evil intentions.
I would have liked to see that.
One day I should ask what his hole is actually for.  Trouble is you must be prepared to waste a couple of hours if you engage Merv in conversation.
Maybe not then.  It shall remain one of life's mysteries.

I wonder if our thermometer gives accurate readings when it looks like this?
It has been out there for years now.

Meanwhile in another place and time -  Gary is still having problems with his knob.
More problems it seems.
He wrote to me about you would.
This is what he said :-

I was in the grocery store parking lot, pulling on my knob, but it just wouldn't get up. It seems I need to get a better handle on it, and then it will relieve the tension that is preventing my knob releasing.

I do hope he finds someone to help him soon.  Poor soul.


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