Monday, February 25, 2013


Had a fab meal out on Saturday.
One of Philip's work mates had given him a $25 gift card for Christmas.
It was good for a couple of different restaurants and we decided to use it on Saturday.
We chose one of the restaurants that we haven't been to very often.  It is always packed but we found we could actually make a reservation.
So we did.
Bloody good job too because when we arrived we overheard people asking how long the wait was and being told 2 hours.
It is an Italian restaurant and does do wonderful food.....very large portions too !!
As we perused the menu we noticed they had a special offer on.
For $39.95 (about 20 pounds) you could get...for two people.

A starter for two.
Two main courses to eat in the restaurant AND two more to take home.
A dessert.

So, we went for this.
First they brought lovely crunchy bread, olive oil and parmesan cheese.

We had Bruschetta to start. We could only eat the waiter boxed it to take home.
Philip then had Italian sausage and lots of other stuff in a tomato based sauce with pasta.
I had bow tie pasta with sun dried tomatoes, brocollini etc in a butter garlic sauce.

We could only eat half of these the waiter boxed it to take home.

The main courses we ordered to take home were, a lasagna for Philip and egg plant parmiggano with spaghetti for me.

We then had cake, with caramelised bananas, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

So, after having a whopping meal we left the restaurant stuffed and armed with two dinners each (the halves of the meals we couldn't eat) plus Bruschetta for Sunday and two more dinners (the lasagna and egg plant spaghetti)  for tonight.

We couldn't believe we had got that much food ( three days worth) and the whole bill was $39.95 !!!!
Plus it was absolutely delish.
We could see why it was so popular and will certainly go there again.
I don't have to cook again tonight.......brilliant.  I am still amazed.  20 quid for 3 days worth of food for two people.  Well, when you factor in that we also had a  $25 gift came to $15 total.  Cosmic.


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