Friday, September 17, 2010

Up, up and away...........

Tomorrow, Saturday, I leave for the Motherland.
I always have mixed feelings at this time.
On the one hand I am so excited at the thought of seeing my family and friends again.
The year does roll around quickly.
I really miss all my old mates.
Some I won't see.
Many of my former work friends are scattered around the globe :-

If I had enough money I could visit all these places but sadly funds won't stretch that far.
One of my very dear friends is now back in England after working near Dubai for a couple of years.
I am so looking forward to seeing her. I am having a "sleep over" at her place. It is somewhere I once lived when things were particularly tough for me.
It will be one heck of an evening.......the booze will flow.

There are other friends I will spend time with. One of my bestest friends lives minutes from Donna.
We spent many a happy and not so happy hour in Duncan Bowen and then Christchurch.

I also have a "bit of a do" to attend and a posh frock plus fascinator to wear.
I am relieved that Philip is ok and the heart tests proved negative as I would not have left him here if he had been poorly.
This brings me to the other hand.
I hate having to leave him here alone to fend for himself.
I know he hates it. He hates coming home to an empty house.
I feel so bad that he can't come but he gets very little vacation time (no one over here gets much blooming vacation, they wouldn't stand for it in England) and what days he gets are precious.
Work has been stressful for him lately so I am hoping it will calm down a bit while I am away.
He knows I need to visit my family and would never try to stop me but I still feel sad to leave him here.
But, when it gets time to come back I am sad to leave the family/friends in England too.
What a pallarver.
This year Donna and Lauren are coming to spend Christmas and New Year with us so I shall have that to look forward to.

I am hoping for an uneventful and boring flight. Nothing would please me more.
Hope to see you soon mates.
Sue -x-


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