Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here I am with my 4 kitties.
Of course I think they are the bestest ever. I never intended to have just sort of happened.
They are like can't have just one.
A friend's kitty in England has been hit by a car and is missing.
I am very worried about it.
But, I do know that if a kitty is scared like this then he will go and hide for a while.
I am hoping he shows up soon when he has got over the shock.

I sometimes question Wisconsin State Law which prohibits cats being allowed outside but then I hear of accidents and know it is probably for the best. Our cats do not miss going outside as they never have....well apart from Bubba who was picked up by the Humane Society at age 2 years.
We have now had him for 10 years.
We have never allowed him outside, but, every few months he will go and sit at the back door and meow as if it is the most natural thing in the world for me to let him out.
He isn't the brightest bulb on the tree and I always ask him where he thinks he might be going and offer to make him a spotty hanky on a stick.
One very deep, dark, snowy winter when we lived in an apartment, a friend of mine said if I let him on the balcony in the deep, cold snow........he would never ask to go out again.
Yeah right.
I let him out on the balcony, in about 8 inches of snow.............and he took off like a rocket.
I just grabbed him by the tail before he was over the balcony wall and away.
Of course it is different here to lovely, safe England.
Here we have coyotes, raccoons and possums.....none of which are very cat friendly.
So, kitties are considered to be "inside pets" and they do not venture out.

I also thought of a couple of other things I meant to mention before.
Austin........bless him..........the littlest lad in the photos of McDonald's.
When Philip was trying to keep him in his seat he engaged him in conversation.
He asked him........"So, are you going back to school next week?"
He replied.........."NO, we go back on a Wednesday."
Cracked us up.

Also, whilst we were at Racine Zoo we stopped by the penguins just as a keeper was giving a talk about them.
She asked if there were any questions.
A middle aged lady had a question.
"Why don't the penguins fly away?"
I kid you not. She really said that....seriously.
The keeper was so puzzled.
Just as she was starting to explain to her that penguins don't fly I told Philip we really had to move on as I couldn't stand it.
Such ignorance..........amazing.

Missing Lauren muchly.
Very quiet and very tidy here at the moment.


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