Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Bit of a Do

Wow only just over a week until I venture back to the Motherland.
I am so looking forward to it.
My back is better than it was and I hope it survives the flight.
My thinking is that the airline seats will be ergonomically better than the seats at the hospital so that I shall be ok.
Alright........I am an optimist but really, I would rather think positively than negatively.
I am also looking forward to meeting up with Alan.
We have a family "bit of a do" to attend.
I was surprised that he was able to get away at this time of year but happily he has arranged it with his boss so that he can have a day or two to attend the festivities.
He is bloody well entitled to a couple of days as I can't ever remember him having any time off during the year before.
Glenn and I will meet up with the old bugger for the day/evening.
Ashfordians take note...........he truly will be over for a day or two so I doubt very much that he will be able to catch up with you.
I think he is hoping to do that after Alanmas next year.
Alanmas begins, for us, on January 5th and continues until February 15th.
I think he is planning on spending a week in Whitstable from where he will sally forth to Ashford for a day or two.
I will let you know definitely nearer the time.

I had a crappity, crap, crap day at work today. I am seriously thinking of quitting.
I have been looking into the possibilities of other gainful employment.
It isn't easy.
I need to be able to take a month off every year around go home.
And, I need to have a month off in the summer when Lauren is over. Americans are lucky if they get more than a week's vacation..........this isn't easy.

I am now looking at temporary jobs.
With this sort of employment I can say when I am not available and when I am.
This would work for me.
I will look more when I return.


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