Friday, September 24, 2010

Surprise !!!!!!

I had a phone call last night.
I had been waiting for Glenn to ring as I had asked him to take me to Astronomy Club on Friday.
He promised to phone me to let me know and I was actually getting cross as it was almost 8pm before he phoned.
He said that he was sorry he wouldn't be able to take me as his stomach was "playing up".
When I asked what the problem was he said, "well actually I am in the hospital just waiting to have my appendix out".
To say I was shocked really doesn't quite describe what I felt.
I was ready to rush straight to the hospital but Glenn said it was pointless as they were throwing all the visitors out at 8pm.
I then realised he had waited until this time so I wouldn't go up there.

It is now around 9.20 am and he has just phoned me from the hospital.
He is very groggy and enjoying the morphine.
My friend Sue is coming for me soon and I shall be going up to sit with him. We have no idea yet when he will be coming home but from the sound of him, I doubt it will be today.
But, you never know.


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