Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Friend

Today I went to Canterbury to meet a new friend.
I have been wanting to meet him since this time last year when Philip made contact with him.
It is Philip's stepfather, who he saw for the first time in around 30 years back in February when he came over to visit his long, lost brother.
His stepfather lives in Whitstable and we were meant to meet last Saturday but a twist of fate decided that that couldn't happen.
Glenn had planned to go with me to meet him. Instead he had other priorities.
Namely, being discharged from hospital.

I was excited and a little nervous about meeting him.
What if he didn't like me?
What if he thinks I am not good enough for Philip?
I mean........I don't think I am good enough for Philip so why should he?

I really shouldn't have worried. He was lovely.
I don't know if he liked me but if he didn't he did a damn good job of disguising the fact.
I appreciate that. At least he made me feel like he liked me.
We spent the day chatting, very easily.
There didn't seem to be any awkward silences. We had coffee in the ...erm....railway works...shed or something which is just outside the station. I had never been there.
He then took me on a tour of Canterbury. Lots of little out of the way places I had never seen.
He is also very knowledgable regarding the history of the area.
We had a fab lunch in a little Morrocan restaurant that again I had never seen, before going into the museum.
Eventually we made our way back to the station. I so enjoyed today.
The conversation was good and flowed wonderfully. I didn't feel it was forced at all.
I love it when you meet someone who can carry on a conversation.
I really appreciate it as I have known some people who are very "hard work" and it can be really tiring.
Today the only tired things are my aching feet.
I think ( and hope) I have found a new friend.


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