Saturday, September 25, 2010

He;s home

Glenn had his naughty appendix out at midnight on Thursday.
I spent Friday at the hospital with him.
Dave came to see him..........which was nice.
He took a rather apt picture of the "special notes" or something which was on the wall by his bed.
One of my very good friends had taken me to the hospital in the morning. She came to collect me at 1pm as visitors have to leave at that time to give the patients a rest. I went to her house and had a lovely lunch.
This was the perfect time for me to leave for a while as Glenn was getting grumpy and was just verging on one of his famous "Basil Fawlty" meltdowns.
I didn't want to be there when that happened.
A nap would do him the world of good.
She then very kindly took me back to the hospital at 3pm.
Glenn was asleep when I got back. I went for a wander until he woke up.
He had the cheek to say I should have woken him.
It would take a braver person than I to wake up a sleeping Glenny Wenny.

They were keeping him there overnight, which I thought was a good idea, so we picked him up this morning.
I think we are all relieved it is over with and all he needs to do is recover now.
Thanks to all for the good wishes.


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