Monday, May 19, 2014

More Art D'Echo

This week I have finished and framed my latest Art Deco (or as I now prefer...Art D'Echo) painting for the bathroom.
I have enjoyed doing this one as I tried some more new techniques and types of paint.
I am really having fun with acrylic paints at the moment as they allow me to proceed much more quickly.
Oil paints are very easy.  I have to be honest about it.  They are very forgiving.  An art teacher I once worked with used to say that he could teach a chimpanzee to pass an Art O Level.
I think that if you taught it with oil paint then you could probably teach a hamster the same thing.

Acrylics have pros and cons.
Pro :-  They dry much more quickly.
Con :- They dry much more quickly.

I should explain.  Drying quickly is a bonus when you are really wanting to press on with a painting and it is all going well.
Drying quickly, however, is a pain in the arse when you have buggered something up.

I did, of course, have one or two dramas with this one - as I have with all of them, but I am quite happy with the final result.
I added sparkles again.  I do love a bit of glitz and it is my painting so I can if I like.

Here it is on the bathroom wall.

I am now preparing another canvas for, what I hope, will be the subject of this year's Christmas card.
If I don't bugger it up.

On Saturday we went to by new tops for the upstairs bathroom taps.  One had totally disintegrated in my hand the night before.
I think they were old.
We came back with the chairs above which are joined by a little table.

We also bought one of these bird baths and a matching, small glass table.
Luckily we did remember to buy the tap tops too.
We really should keep out of that shop.

I think we got carried away with longing for some Summer weather.
It had snowed on Friday........sigh.


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