Friday, May 2, 2014

Fairy lights

Firstly - Art Deco ish picture finished.
It has been sparkled and framed and is now in the bathroom.
I am quite pleased with the result.
The hardest thing was keeping it simple.  I now plan to do another painting for the other wall in there.  I have a picture forming in my mind, so it is just getting it on to canvas next.
That sounds so simple if you say it quick.

I love the lights at Christmas and I have been gradually adding lights to the house that are year round.
I just find them cheerful and relaxing - all at the same time.

I have these in the kitchen.
It is hard to see in this picture but there are fairy lights and flowers. 
I love them.
I should have tidied up before I took a photo really, sorry about that.

This is the main window in the living room.
They are little flowers too.
Ha ha....just realised this looks a bit like a sacrificial altar.....
It wasn't meant to.  

These ones, as you can probably see, are at the bottom of the stairs.
The table they are on was made by my dad about 20 years ago.

These ones are by the front door.   Another altar by the looks of it.
This one must be to the Wolf God.

 Dining room this time.

Yes yes....I know what it looks like now.
I have never thought about it before.
These are inside glass spheres and give quite a nice effect I think.
Until I went round taking this photos I never realised how many little fairy lights I have.
Pagan altars and Christmas there's a combination.


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