Monday, May 12, 2014



Firstly well done to Conchita who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria.
Anyone who reads this in the USA will have no idea what it is all about but this song contest was first started by Moses as a half time show during the gladiator battles at the Colosseum in Rome.
I think that was how it started.  That or it might have been a Druidic sacrificial ceremony. Anyway, it has been going on a long time.
The rest of Europe seem to take it very seriously whereas the Brits, with their twisted sense of humour, love poking fun at all the competitors, including our own.
The more outrageous, dire, ridiculous - the better to watch and complain about.
Way better than complaining about the weather.
Being 'over here' I can no longer watch it live.  I tried the interwebs but it is no good without our commentator, who has such a good time making fun of it all.
I miss it so much.  I would love to host a Eurovision party - if only we could get it here.  Come on BBC Eurovision please.
 I did listen to it online, hosted by Ken Bruce but it isn't the same. 
Anyway, I am abso bloody lutely thrilled that Conchita won.  The dress, the beard, the "Shirley Bassey esq" song - wonderful.
But, above means that next year the other countries will go all out to be even more outrageous than a bloke with a beard in a frock.
What visions will we have from Europe next time?
I can't wait already.

This morning Merv supplied me with more blog fodder.
There are a couple of workmen kicking around.  We had a notification that they would be messing with the gas mains soon and it looks like these guys are measuring up for whatever they are planning. least they are trying to measure up.
It isn't easy when you have a 'sidewalk supervisor'.....and we have one of the best.
Take a peek.

That isn't even outside Merv's house.
He was obviously pointing out what they were doing wrong but the very best bit of this photo is the young chap who has obviously had enough of Merv and his instructions and was ready to tell him what he could do with them.
Dear Merv -  you do keep me amused.

Lastly, a big ole thank you to our Tootsie.
Last night I was sitting at the computer when she came rubbing around my legs.......nothing unusual about that.
"Oh come on then," quoth I as she often likes to squish up behind me on the chair.
Then she started shrieking at me.  She was squealing and meowing, really loudly.  This is not at all like her.  She is a big girl but she is always so very quiet, not like some of our others.  She barely ever makes a sound.  What was wrong with her?
I leaned forward thinking she wanted more room to jump up and as I did noticed a bloody great wasp/hornet thing on the back of the chair by my shoulder.
I was out of that chair blooming quick I can tell you.
We got a glass and caught the thing.  Philip put it outside, but Tootsie spent the next 15 minutes on the chair searching for it.
So, Tootsie is my hero.  She, most certainly saved me from being stung by that horrid thing.

We have withdrawn our application to foster that other cat.  They don't seem as desperate as I thought and we have agreed that, as they don't know if she gets on with female cats and we have quite a few, that it would be best if she went elsewhere.
We are very fortunate with our girls.  Females don't always get along and I don't want to cause a problem here.

I was supposed to be going swimming this morning with my friend but we are currently under a 'severe thunderstorm warning' so we have decided to put it off until Friday. Severe thunderstorms here have a habit of turning into a 'tornado warning'.

Isn't 'Hodgepodge' a glorious word.


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